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How Long Can You Store Bottled Water | Does Bottled Water Really Expire

How Long Does Water Last?

How long water remains or last? Bottle water lasts for years. U.S Food and Drug Administration do not need a shelf life from bottle water. The real shelf life of water is uncertain.

Perhaps you will not get any use by, sell by or best by dates of the bottled water. For this reason, some people say water go bad?

Water naturally does not go bad. But environmental factors, packaging matter cause water to go bad. The shelf life of water relies on up to the preparation of water and how it is kept.

Water is a must for every living being. Without water, life is impossible to think in this world. Water is the most abundant compound on the earth.

All sources suggest that to lead a happy life people have to take at least eight glasses of water in a day or every day.

The cost of the water is very low and resists health benefits. This is one of the most popular beverages in the world. We drink water from bottles, streams, and fountains.

Now the question how long does water last? If well stored, the shelf life of water past a printed date is.

How long is it safe to drink bottled water after opening?

How long is it safe to drink bottled water after opening

It relies on some factors –

  • Is there fluoride contain in your bottled water? Bottle water having fluoride can kill the majority of bacteria introduced after the bottling system, like for your mouth, for which we apply it in toothpaste and water, to begin with. Some purists like to get bottled water without any fluoride. In such case water defense from bacteria and the UV sterilization which kill bacteria at the time of bottling process.
  • Is the cap of your bottle is tight? If it happens, any bacteria introduced into the bottle of the mouth will dissolve oxygen and finally die. Your water tastes from the shortage of mixed oxygen but surely safe to consume. As uncapped for a short time, you can expose your water to an environment like airborne bacteria as well as insect born particularly mosquitoes and flies stopping by a drink to lay eggs.
  • Have you kept water under the sun like a hot car? It has to undergo UV sterilization like bottling plant performed and can taste warm as well as stale and gross, but this is very safe to drink.

Why the conditions are in favor of the bottle water storage

If water is exposed to the direct sunlight exposure for a long time, mold or algae normally develop. This is not a concern for the public health.

The bottle water industry likes to give freshest and cleanest water as much as they can. Storing water out of sunlight can assure that the water is fresh and not dangerous.

Bottle water and some other beverages are packaged in highly protective, sanitary and sealed plastic container which preserves the freshness and quality of the product.

The plastic containers that are used for bottled water and other beverage are lightly permeable that allow ambient air gasses like household solvents and vapors, petroleum-based fuels.

Some other chemicals affect the odor and taste of the beverage. The company takes great care to transport and store the product to ensure clean and fresh water for the people.

If the products are stored properly, it will ensure the good quality of the product.

Does the bottled water go wrong?

If the bottled water is not kept in good condition it may go wrong. Besides if the water is not manufactured according to the FDA guidelines, it may spoil sooner than the expected date.

Does the bottled water go wrong

If you use good tap water and bottling it, the shelf life is questionable. This is the view of the scientists that pure water never expires.

It will be true if it is not bottled or packed. If you keep the water in plastic or some other container, there is the possibility of getting contaminated.

Most of the bottles are made of polyethylene terephthalate. Water is not the matter of though, the matter is a bottle. For harsh sunlight, chemical leaching may happen.

After a long time, water takes the taste of the container. It is not a must to test the tastes of the container.

Polyethylene terephthalate is porous in nature. It gives the taste of plastic into the water. If water is good, there is no possibility of uncontaminated. So be careful.

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