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How to Read a Water Meter Very Simple Tips Awesome

When you get the monthly bill of your water expenditure at your residence, the usage is motored by a water meter.

It is nothing but a simple device added with the main water supply for a well which tracks the amount of water that flows by the main every day.

The amount is measured by the municipality to calculate the bill. You may also read it yourself.

Learning the process of meter reading is not a difficult task that aid you to understand the level of water consumption.

Meter type 1

Suppose you have an old meter. The reading would look like this. The black digits along with white background show the cubic meters used and you need to submit the reading. Tell us only the first five digits only. The meter reading would look like this 00158.

Meter type 2

As you have a digital meter, the display will look like this. Tell us the top digits only. For example, the meter reading will be 000189. The meter flashes on the screen from time to time. It indicates that the meter screen is running well.

How to read your water meter

It is very important to know what is going on in your house when it appears to usage and water- especially the day’s heat up, and our system of water utilizes increases.

Icon Water takes the responsibility of the water meter infrastructure including water meter. You are the owner of the house.

how to read a water meter

So you should take all the liabilities of the maintenance of the pipes and some other infrastructure of the house side of the meter.

You also should take some other responsibilities of anything that is going out of order regarding water usage.

If any leak or problem is found, this will cause less financial pressure, and the less important resource may be lost down the drain.

Do not keep it for the longer time. We suggest monitoring water usage to monitor for potential problems- really a month’s basis- with the regular intervals throughout the year.

Determine the volume of water applied by your household

To the front of the water meter, you may notice a big dial and a series of numbers.

how to read a water meter

These numbers indicate the volume of water using in your home as the last time it was set.

  • The measurement may be specified to the dial face; normal units are cubic or gallons feet in USA and cubic or liters meters is more to the rest of the universe.
  • The odometer shows the total reading of the amount of water which has been consumed in the household since the time of installation. It may not reset each month or billing cycle. You only know the consumption level by recording it. The last two numbers of the meter may be white numerals to the black background, and the rest black numerals are on the white background. The ending two numbers indicates the whole single units and tens of the units.
  • The big rotating dial presents the partial units which have been received. Every number implies a tenth of the unit and the tick marks presents the 100 of the unit.
  • They would be smaller gear- or having triangle shape dial to the meter face also. It may be called low flow indicator. As you think there is a leak in any place between the interior and the meter of your home, stop all water inside your home and notice the indicator. When it is rotating, the water flow is constant.


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