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7 Best Epic Water Filters Reviews That Are Useful For You

If American drinks a glass of water, it is true that he is consuming a dose of agricultural and industrial pollutants. It may be connected with nervous system damage, cancer, hormone disruption or fertility problem, developmental defects.

This is the distributing reality documented by EWG’s tap water database. The very reliable source found in the essence of U.S drinking water analyzing or aggregating data from 50000 public water utilities nationwide.

A big number of nation’s drinking water supplies get passing grade from state and federal regulatory agencies. The matter is that about 250-plus pollutants have been selected by water sampling and testing agencies.

They found that the level is perfect under the safe drinking water act or the state regulations. But normal level authorities, scientific studies have got to pose health risks.

The additional thing is that the Environmental protection agency fails to include a new pollutant to the list of regulated drinking water pollutant in more than twenty years.

This failure indicates that the federal government fails to protect public health. It also implies that there is no permissible limit for more than 160 unregulated pollutants the test found in nation’s tap water.

Epic water filters other advantages

Epic water filters are designed by aerospace engineers to save the people from water borne illness. It also saves them from all types of chemicals found in water.

You are traveling the whole world or looking for fresh water for the office or the gym; the filters will do it. Use the filter and be happy with fresh, clean drinking water. The taste of the water is great. It eliminates all the pollutants from the water.

Top 7 Best Epic Water Filters Reviews On The Market


Epic Thrive Slim pH+ Water Filtration Pitcher

The beverage and food we consume have a direct effect on Alkaline and acid by the body. A pH of seven is good neutral.

The healthiest pH is one which is less alkaline, ranges from 7.35-7.45. Sometimes we consume processed foods.

But we do not know they are high in acid. If a human body has a low pH balance, it decreases body’s power to absorb nutrients, vital minerals and energy production inside cells. These may lead headaches, fatigue, muscle and joint pain, cancer, heart disease and bone loss.


  • 3 stages of the filtration system remove up to 99.99% of harmful tap water pollutants that contaminants, like copper, lead, chromium-6, fluoride, TTHM, PFOA, trace pharmaceuticals, herbicides and 60 plus more other.
  • Regain naturally happening minerals. Like as magnesium and calcium in your water that reverse osmosis and Zero water products slip out


  • The taste of the water is better and simple to use
  • The quality of the water is perfect
  • Wonderfully designed


  • None

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Epic Sports Bottle Water Filter

Epic Sports Bottle Water Filter

The Epic Sports Bottle comes with a 5 stage filter having 2 microns pores and a fluoride or lead filter. It is now the most advanced water filter on the market.

The capacity of the filter is to remove contaminants up to 2000% than standard filters. The sports filters save your family from pollutants, and some other things filters miss.

Not only the filters do these, but they also keep healthy trace minerals like magnesium and calcium in your water.

Where you do not matter, the Epic filter will ensure polluted free drinking water. How much the water is polluted does not a factor at all. The industry leading advanced filtration system purifies water very rapidly.

You will be happy to get pure drinking water without much effort gives satisfaction instead of drinking water from a polluted source.

From anywhere you can take water and use the filter to remove pollutants from water. Finally, you will get fresh, pure and good tasting drinking water.

The epic sports bottles give peace of mind that you are drinking clean water in an emergency condition. Also, hiking, international travel, company and outdoor activity.

You will find the epic bottle filter is useful for some other situations like camping, fishing, emergency purposes, biking, traveling and so on.

For any water source, one can use the epic sports bottles though rivers, rainwater, tap water, stream, and lakes are not factors.


  • Eliminates 99.9999 percent pollutants
  • Hundred percent BPA FREE
  • Wonderful tasting
  • 2 microns filter made in America


  • Removes pollutants up to 99.99% of all tap water pollutants
  • Can produce about 100 gallons of fresh water
  • Resist 700+ plastic bottles moving to landfills
  • Multi patented method tested to meet topmost international standards
  • It’s 100% recyclable, 100% replaceable, 100% Made in USA 100% BPA-free.
  • Do not need to buy filtered water


  • Has no color alternative

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Epic Tritan Filtration Bottle Filter

Epic Tritan Filtration Bottle Filter

The epic water filter is a popular name in the field of water filtrations. The capacity of the filter is to remove pollutant up to 99.99% like heavy metals, agricultural pollutants, industrial contaminants, trace pharmaceuticals and 90% of fluoride.

The difference is that other filters cannot remove such type of pollutants. Why do you set this filter? The reason is that the filter is hundred percent recyclable.

Drink up fifty gallons of fresh water ensured by the epic filter. The interesting thing is that the Epic filter replaced more than 400 plastic bottles.

Epic intelligence: the most important thing is that the epic filter leaves magnesium, calcium, and potassium in water that other filters cannot. This is the only filter which can ensure pure, fresh, and clean water.

They give the highest quality hundred percent non-leaching metal series bottle and medical-grade stainless steel preserve in this way. These rigorous systems deliver the purest and cleanest water of all.


  • Ergonomic and simple design
  • Wonderful tasting
  • 5 stage triple technique filters made in America


  • Very cool water filters
  • Highest technology makes great water tasting
  • Super water bottle, the good thing is that it removes fluoride and many other bad things from water.


  • Not seize too much water

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Epic Pure Filtered Water Pitcher

Epic Pure Filtered Water Pitcher

The pure water filtration pitcher is a very sensible choice for water purification in the home. It can remove up to 99.99% of pollutants from water.

All filters are tested and replaceable by the industry standard. All of the Americas made filters are certified to ANSI or NSF 53, 42, and 401 to reduce contamination.

The capacity of pre filter is up to 200 gallons of water. The pure water pitcher is a wonderful economic choice.

There is a moral that health is wealth. It is a must for a man to live happily. If you drink water from the Epic, you must have confidence. Try to drink clean water from the pure water filter pitcher named Epic water filter.

The epic pure filtration pitcher comes with one pure filter which gets an average lifespan four months.

The life of the filter may depend on the quality of the water and daily use of water. When your water is relatively highly contaminated, water filter must work hard to keep water clean. For this reason, the lifespan of the filter decreases less than average.


  • The filter fulfills the standard of NSF 42 and ANSI 53 for pollutant reduction. Filters are tested in Michigan and Flint for copper and lead reduction.
  • The duration of the filter is 4 times more than Brita filters. Its capacity to filter water about 200 gallons depends on usage of water and quality of water
  • Triple capacity filter


  • Eliminates up to 99.995 of pollutants from tap water
  • Prevents 1500+ plus plastic reserving in the land
  • Prohibit to purchase filtered water
  • Multi-patented technology tests like the highest international standards
  • Capacity to produce about 200 gallons of clean water
  • It is 100% recyclable, 100% replaceable, 100% Made in 100% BPA-free and USA
  • Lifespan is up to use. Total capacity 200 gallons depends on water quality and daily use of water.


  • The whole filtration process will complete within 30 minutes
  • Require more advanced capacity

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Replacement Filter Epic Pure Water Filtration Pitcher

Replacement Filter Epic Pure Water Filtration Pitcher

The Pure Water Filter Jug is made to remove up to 99.99 percent of all pollutants from water. This jug is not only epic but also revolutionary. This type of filter is the most sensible choice for water purification to most of the people.

The specialty of the filter is that it can remove waterborne pathogens, fluoride, heavy metals, traces pharmaceuticals and other.

Finally, you will be happy to know that the water you are drinking is pure and fresh. Manufacturers applied here multi-patented technology to give fresh water, removing toxins from water. All the filters are tested and replaceable to the topmost industry standards.


  • Manufactured in America- five state triple capacity filters
  • Careful testing


  • Super clean water
  • Excellent product
  • After filtration water is great


  • The original filters come with the pitcher is wonderful

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REPLACEMENT FILTER for Epic Thrive Slim pH+ Alkaline Water Pitcher

REPLACEMENT FILTER for Epic Thrive Slim pH+ Alkaline Water Pitcher | Increases Alkalinity up to 9.5 | Removes 99.99% of Tap Water Contaminants Like Lead, Mercury, Copper, Fluoride & 65 More

According to the study of Annals of Otology, Rhinology & Laryngology, alkaline water having pH 8.8 may aid soothe acid reflux as the high pH level destroys Pepsin.

Pepsin is a kind of enzyme involves in breaking down food proteins and becomes the main reason for acid reflux.

Besides soothing reflux, another benefit of alkaline water is that it aids neutralize acid in the bloodstream, according to the view Alyse Levine, R.D. It promotes oxygen levels and improves energy as well as metabolism.

Moreover, it carries antioxidant properties, rejuvenates the skin, cleanses the colon and finally lubricates joints and muscles.


  • Long lasting filters made in America
  • Thoroughly tested alkaline technology
  • To preserve the good stuff
  • Not average alkaline pitcher


  • Smooth installation
  • Super quality output
  • Good tasting water and very simple to use


  • Is not perfect for some other models

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Ultimate Outdoor Travel Bottle Water Filter

The Epic Ultimate Travel Bottle is the best survival battle. You can travel anywhere in the world by keeping peace in mind that you are drinking clean water anywhere.

How much water is polluted does not matter. The Epic Ultimate Travel Bottle is used for any pollutant removals.

The filter purifies water while sucking the straw, ensuring peace in mind that you are not drinking contaminated water. You can get clean water in some cases like hiking, emergency situations, camping, international travel and other outdoor activities.

Epic is a good quality water filter. It can remove up to 99.9999% of pollutants from drinking water. The capacity of the filter is up to 75 gallons of clean drinking water.

The filter meets NSF standard 42 as well as 53 and is EPA/ ANSI certified for pollutant reduction. This filter is tested by Michigan and Flint for copper and lead reduction.

Be happy to know that the Epic Ultimate travel bottle holds the most advanced filter. The capacity of the filter is 2000% more than the other normal filters.

It can remove Chromium 6, lead, chloramines, fluoride, bacteria, viruses, mercury and other metals.

The specialty of the filter is that it saves your family from pollutants which other filters fail. Moreover, the filter keeps healthy trace minerals such as magnesium and calcium in your water.


  • Hundred percent BPA free
  • Wonderful tasting
  • 2 microns filter made in America


  • Wonderful performance, made in the USA
  • It reached instantly and sealed with having tags to ensure no tampering is done
  • Trying to remove fluoride from water. Works great.


  • Remains in a first few couple of water bottles fills and need to break the new filter


User Justification- A MIRACLE FOR MY WATER

The price of the filter is reasonable. When I bought the filter for the first time I have no expectation. But when I used it, I became surprised. The filter is very wonderful. It can treat water heavily. A faucet filter is being used to ensure mediocre results.

The taste of the water is better for the faucet filter. Even though the water is not fit to drink as a brown slime is left in my pet bowls. I have to clean it regularly.

The other most important thing of the pitcher is that it removes the brown slime from the water and makes the good water taste and drinkable.

The pitcher is made of decent type plastic. It has 2 pieces pushed altogether from both sides of the pitcher, and it feels hollow.

When I bought the pitcher, I found there is a bit of the upper part of the handle. 2 piece design may not seem like the best idea. I am very careful in such case. Otherwise, I like the pitcher very much.

Final Verdict

The purpose of the epic filters is to be a world famous leader in portable water filtration system. All the epic products are made under contract by Seychelles Environmental technologies.

Epic Water filters are made by aerospace engineers to save people from the fear of waterborne illness and all chemicals found in the tap water.

You are traveling in the developed countries, or you are in the gym or office, Epic water filter makes water filtration products perfect for your life.

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