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A Quick Tutorial On How To Add Salt To Water Softener

How often should I have to add salt?

Water conditioner or softeners work well with potassium chloride and sodium chloride. How much salt will you add to the brine tank depends on some factors included?

  • The size of the brine tank
  • Up to the hardness of water in your area
  • The number of people living in your house
  • How much water you have to consume

Suppose you have a big family. You need to consume more water that makes the softener to regenerate more frequently. Therefore, more salt needs to add very often.

Luckily most of the valve controlling panel on water softener or conditioner calculates the time to regenerate. Your duty is jutted to add salt as it gets used up.

What You Need to Know

Some factors like household water consumption, water softener, the lever of water hardness, brine tank size influence how often you need to add salt or how much salt you have to add.

How To Add Salt To Water Softener

A tank that is more than ten years old needs more salt instead of a newer one.

It is crucial that the potassium chloride and salt are designed for water softener.

Do not apply table salt or de-icing. If the salt is purer, the less likelihood which your softener face fewer problems which can interfere the proper function.

This time you generally do not like to buy the biggest cheapest bag of rock salt you may find.

As you are working with the water softener, notice the sign of these problems:

Salt bridging

In this situation, the salt forms a crust over water inside the tank and the air pocket forms between the crust and water.

Meaning that the salt does not dissolve in water and the water softener does not work well.

If you see the water is not soft and the tank is full, be sure this is the sign of salt bridging.

Salt bridging may form for temperature fluctuations or humidity close to the tank. It may happen if the salt is not fit for water softeners.

You may softly press to the top of the crust to notice if it can break apart or contact the water to dissolve.

Muddy tank

This is another type of problem brought by using the wrong type of salt for a long time.

Normally impurities can build up in the tank from debris or insoluble minerals in salt- normally in rock salt.

This type of problem reduces the effectiveness of water softener though you add salt regularly.

How To Add Salt To Water Softener

Most of the brine tanks have automatic salt replenishment system or low salt sensors.

how to add salt to water softener

This implies the time to change the tank or add the salt. To maintain the brine tank well, you have to add salt properly or follow the tips well:

  • Potassium chloride or salt is designed for the water to soften
  • Add more salt if you see the old level of salt is depleted.

If you forget to add salt to the brine tank or see the salt is totally dry, do not panic. By doing so, you have not destroyed the water softener system.

By the rule of the thumb, there is always water to the bottom level of the brine tank. Follow the instruction to add salt.

You water have to follow some cycles to be soft because it was but it may get there.

Watch: How To Add Salt To Water Softener

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